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Weldments for agricultural and communal equipment

In connection with the development of the company, the production of weldments for traditional customers is complemented by the production for leading domestic companies that deal with the production and sale of agricultural machinery. The company manufactures weldments according to documentation provided by the customer, or it can prepare the documentation itself. The highest quality of weldments is a given, i.e. both manual and robotic welding.

Another group is weldments for communal equipment intended for export. These weldments are manufactured from high-strength sheet metals with special emphasis on resilience and strength of the final product. They are designed for demanding operating conditions and offer corresponding quality of workmanship.

Based on gained experience, the company is able to offer the production of parts and weldments for essentially any range of customers.

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Společnost TMW, a.s. realizuje projekty spolufinancované Evropským sociálním fondem prostřednictvím Operačního programu Lidské zdroje a zaměstnanost a státním rozpočtem České republiky.