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Tanks for hydraulic systems

TMW, a.s. has been manufacturing tanks for hydraulic systems of superstructures for utility vehicles since 1996. This long-term experience guarantees the highest quality and quality of products. Tank weldments are tested for leaks using air pressure of 0.8 bar and then preserved inside. They can be supplied with a primer coat or with a final finish, as required. Tanks are manufactured on the basis of documentation and requirements of the customer.

At present we manufacture weldments for tanks with straight edges with a volume of 70 to 120 litres, made from sheet metal with a thickness of 3 mm or 4 mm for customers from the Netherlands and Germany.

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Společnost TMW, a.s. realizuje projekty spolufinancované Evropským sociálním fondem prostřednictvím Operačního programu Lidské zdroje a zaměstnanost a státním rozpočtem České republiky.