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Safety cabs for forklift trucks

TMW, a.s. manufactures modern all-metal cabs for forklift trucks. Cabins are manufactured according to type series of forklift trucks and fitted to the original protective frame of the trucks or they are delivered to the customer as a whole including the protective frame. Forklift truck cabs are designed to meet safety during operation, protect the truck operator from the adverse effects of the external environment and meet the requirements of ease of use and reliability. Cabs are equipped with lockable doors with opening windows, and depending on the type of truck either with hot water or electric heating. Approved tempered safety glass is used for the windshields. Modern technology is applied in the manufacture of cabs – cutting sheet metal with a laser beam, bending sheet metal on CNC press brakes, welding on a robotic unit, and bonding glass in the assembly of cabs.

The actual cab for forklift trucks consists of individual separate parts. The front part of the cabin is equipped with a wiper and windshield wiper. The doors are fitted with lockable locks, gas struts for easy opening and upholstery, which reduces noise. There is a window in the roof of the truck, which enables the operator to have a view for better orientation when handling loads. The rear part is also fitted with a wiper and windshield wiper. Depending on the type of truck, either hot water or electric heating is also installed in the truck.

To increase operator safety, customised protective frames above the roof of the truck can also be provided. For some types of trucks, we also provide soundproofing of the engine cover, which reduces the level of noise inside the truck.

Cabs for forklift trucks are manufactured according to customer specifications in different variants. In the majority of cases, we supply complete cabs with heating; however, options also exist that combine individual parts. Among the most common variants are the combination of the front part and roof, or front part, roof and rear part.

We are able to create other variants directly according to customer requirements.

Cabs for forklift trucks are manufactured in colours according to type series and can be changed at the customer’s request.

Cabs for forklift trucks manufactured at TMW, a.s. are modern and reliable, and in this respect, customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

  • Yale


    Cabs for these trucks are installed instead of the protective frame of the truck and are mounted to the chassis of the truck with rubber mounts that dampen vibrations in the truck cab. The cab has its own safety shell ...
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    Cabs for these trucks are the latest types manufactured in TMW,a.s. These have a revolutionary solution for cab heating, which is located in the cab door so that the operator can…
  • Jungheinrich


    The front and rear glass is bonded directly to chassis of the truck. Cab heating is hot water and is located on the floor of the truck under the dashboard ...
  • Linde


    The front and rear glass is either placed in a sheet metal frame, or is bonded directly to chassis of the truck. Cab heating is hot water and is located on the floor of the truck under the dashboard...
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    We have been manufacturing MIAG cabs since 2004, when the company was looking for a new supplier of complete protective frames and cabs for its trucks…
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